Frequently Asked Questions

How do I keep my jewelry clean? 

VC Jewelry is made from quality metals, there is no plating involved, unless otherwise instructed. You don’t have to worry about your surfaces wearing down.

The best way to keep your VC Jewelry piece clean and hold that matt finish look, we recommend scrubbing it with a ‘Scotch Brite’ sponge. The green side (rough side) of the sponge acts like a soft sand paper, and scrubbing your piece with that will give you the desired matt finish on any of your jewelry pieces. This can be done with warm water and sunlight liquid soap or it use dry sponge. If your piece is polished, and you want to keep it polished, a soft brush, like a tooth brush is best. Let the piece soak in warm water and some sunlight liquid, and then scrub it off with your brush. Conventional jewelry cleaners can also be used if accesible. Make sure you dry the piece with a soft cloth afterwards.

I need a repair?

We will repair any VC Jewelry pieces for free within 6 months of purchase, if the repair needed is due to a manufacturing fault.

If you need a chain repaired, we ask R80 if the original chain can’t be returned.

If a repair is needed for a customer based outside of Cape Town, the customer will be liable for all courier costs.

How do I get my ring size?

We have 5 standard sizes available for you if you can’t find out what the ring size exactly is, this is mostly used when you order a piece as a gift. The easiest way to get your exact ring size, is by visiting any jeweler around you and ask him/her to measure either your finger or a ring that you, or somebody else often wears.

If your ring requires re-sizing, we are more then willing to help at an extra cost of R 150 for sterling silver rings and R 250 for gold rings. You can also have this done at any jeweler close to you. We only use quality metals so any jeweler can work with them. Just remember if you require courier services, the costumer will be liable for all costs.

How is it packaged?

We package our jewelry with VC Jewelry labelled packaging, depending on the piece. They are “gift ready”.

Is every piece handmade?

Yes, they are. Our brand is very personalized and completely customizable by our clients. We make every piece by hand and take great care on delivering a unique and high quality piece. The designs might differ a little bit from the pictures shown, but thats the only way we can deliver something very personal.

Do you have other styles of engraving?

We work with punches, so every letter or number is punched in by hand. We only work with the font that is seen on the pieces, in which we have two different sizes. If you like to have another kind of font or we are unable to help you out with the punches we have, you can inquire to do lazer engraving. We will take care of everything, but it might be at an extra cost to you.

You can also engrave it yourself, if necessary, at any lazer engraver close to you. We only work with quality metals, so anybody can work with them.


Prices may change accordingly, this is influenced by the fluctuation of the metal market. Prices in Euro and Dollar (or any other currency) is calculated on the exchange rate of the day. Please visit if you require help with that.

Can I return or exchange a product?

If you are unhappy with your order or if you are not in love with your piece from VC Jewelry, you can exchange it within two weeks. You can either send it back to us, at your own costs, and we will gladly replace it with something else, or give you a credit note. You can also visit our shop at the Watershed (V&A Waterfront) and browse for something new.

Products returned or exchanged must be unused, unworn, and undamaged.

I want to design my own piece?

If you have a certain design in mind for whatever reason, wedding band, engagement rings, or just a special gift. You are more then welcome to contact us on We are more than happy to help you out. Please visit our commission page for some more information and examples.

How do local orders work?

After you have chosen your piece and filled out the order form, you will receive an email from us confirming your order, as well as the EFT details. We ask a full payment from you to confirm your order with us, once that is received we will start working on your order. This is a process that might take up to 2-3 weeks. Once it is finished it will either be couriered to your doorstep (no PO boxes), at work or at home, or you can pick it up from our workshop in Cape Town CBD, or our shop at the Watershed (V&A Waterfront).

The courier we use is very reliable, and delivers within 2 days, depending on the address.

Commissions might take a little longer to manufacture, but that all depends on the process of the piece.

How do international orders work?

To Be Confirmed

Customs and Imports

You may also be liable for any customs and import duty, quotas, permits, product restrictions and other local requirements. These charges must be paid by the recipient of the parcel. Customs policies vary widely from state to state and country to country. Therefore we suggest that you check the requirements in your country before placing an order. We will not be liable for any custom or import duties.

Payment Options…

We make use of EFT, electronic fund transfers, this is done from any bank locally. International payments can be done this way as well, but it might require extra costs from your side. We also have a Belgian account, which might come in handy for European clients.