About Commissions

Collect moments… Not things…

One of the things that I enjoy most about my job is creating pieces that are special and unique to my costumers.

We all have those odd pieces of jewelry laying around, whether it is a “Best Friend’s Forever” necklace from when you were 10 years old or a beautiful diamond ring that your grandma gave to you. They all have special meaning to you, but sometimes you don’t like the way they look anymore. It is such a shame to let those memories lay in a drawer next to your bed. These are meant to be worn and to get a second chance at making new memories and be a part of your life.

My costumers usually come to my workshop with some ideas in mind and we talk about the design as well as the memories that are attached to the piece. I then go off to the drawing board and try and create something special and unique for that person. After another chat (or two, or three) we finalize and start the process.

To have all elements come together is truly exciting as there is no greater pleasure than seeing a piece of jewelry get a new life.

Past Commissions

Michael & Amy’s engagment rings…

A strong silver ring for him and a delicate rose gold diamond ring for her, with a beautiful bright morganite set in the centre.

Alexias wedding ring set…

A beautiful diamond and gold ring set, that represents the love of her family. Reminders to guide her way through her new journey.

Dom & Gerhard’s engagement ring

A rare uncut emerald, set in a 9ct white gold ring, for a loving couple.

Little piece of home…

Silver protea earrings for a sister missing home.

Rocco’s collar

Just a jeweller spoiling her dog.

In remembrance…

In loving memory of a father.

Akos’s Engagement Ring

Akos, a friend from Hungary, asked me to commission a engagement ring for his beautiful wife. It has a special message written on the inside in his handwriting, and is it made from 18 ct white gold and diamonds.

Liselle’s Family Ring

This ring is made from jewelry pieces Liselle inherited after her mother’s passing. It represents her Mother and Father as well as the 4 sisters. The fun thing about this ring is that it is a stack ring so she can wear (at least) one a day and still be reminded of the great love they all share.